Learn Forward for Home Life


Learn Forward is a fresh and hopeful philosophy helping us focus on what matters most for our children.  The five most important journeys of a child are faith, worthiness, selfhood, belonging, and changemaking.  Focusing on these five journeys help us courageously cultivate the conditions for thriving.

The philosophy becomes a practice at the Table of Learning.  It is a radical shift in thinking; it is learning-centred.  It allows us to courageously pursue our questions and practice designing the conditions for thriving through collaboration, connection, and creativity in a practice worked out in our homes and schools.

You are invited to explore the most important journeys of a child.

Hinge Points for Teachers

School Leaders, do you yearn to ignite the teachers on your team?  Classroom Teachers, do you want to refresh your professional practice this year? Learn Forward™ defined and piloted the exploration of eight crucial hinge point issues for teachers.

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