Learn Forward for Home Life


Learn Forward is a fresh and hopeful philosophy helping us focus on what matters most for our children.  The five most important journeys of a child are faith, worthiness, selfhood, belonging, and changemaking.  Focusing on these five journeys help us courageously cultivate the conditions for thriving.

The philosophy becomes a practice at the Table of Learning.  It is a radical shift in thinking; it is learning-centred.  It allows us to courageously pursue our questions and practice designing the conditions for thriving through collaboration, connection, and creativity in a practice worked out in our homes and schools.

You are invited to explore the most important journeys of a child.


Nurture your sacred work as a parent or educator with inspiring #LearnForward messages to remind you about the most important journeys of a child.

#LearnForward will inspire you to focus on what matters most – deepening your connection and enjoying your child more.

Rooted in faith, hope and love.

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The Nest-Building Retreat creates a rare opportunity for conscious, courageous parents to carve out the time needed to rest, reflect and do a deep dive into designing a home life where connections thrive. This exploration supports the most important journeys of your children as you navigate new seasons and grow healthier, happier and stronger- together.

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Learn Forward for Schools


Nourishing our sacred work happens best in community.  At Learn Forward, we believe in the sacred connection between home and school.  We want to support teachers, parents, and leaders to build cultures of connection in our learning communities.

The Connecting in Our Schools series of 30-minute webinars features three segments:

  • Cultivating Community
  • We Each Bring a Gift
  • Practice Makes Perfect

The third episode features our special guest, Yogi Harshad Thomlinson, who brings his expertise and experience to offer wisdom on the “practice” and creating safe community.  He also shares with us the importance of practicing the essential skill in his new program for students, parents, and teachers called “Take a Breath.”
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The Table of Learning Introductory Package is a re-imagination of the relationships in schools and includes practical culture-building tools.  It places learning at the centre as our mutual focus, with students, parents and teachers gathered around the Table.

If you are looking for practical culture-building tools to cultivate community in your school, this package is for you.  Schools world-wide are adopting this philosophy because we know cultures of community are foundational for cultures of change.

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