What does it mean to be rooted?

I read a beautiful blog post from On Being this week about being rooted in faith; the power of roots to anchor and sustain. It inspired my thinking.

Image By Chanachai Panichpattanakij/Getty Images

When we design a for thriving, we must design with roots to hold us in storms and nourish us through the seasons. Our Learn Forward school is rooted in faith, hope, and love.

A School’s Roots

What does ‘rooted’ mean for a school community?

We must be completely clear about our mission and mandate. What is deeply embedded in our halls of learning?

In our case, our manifesto offers that gift.  It is a transformative declaration that harmonizes all parts of the community, helping us to live, breathe, and move forward together. It describes both who we are and who we are becoming!

Our Learn Forward School’s Roots

Our roots deepen when we come back to the same ideas over and over. We must literally practice them in our meetings, our classrooms, and our hearts.

I’ve been meditating a ton on the phrase from our manifesto “We invite ALL to the table….”

How do we include everyone at the table?

In our case, our school’s re-brand and the intention for this manifesto is to include, to include as many children and families as possible. We want to hold inclusion and meet needs as far and wide as we responsibly can. Our purpose for inclusion is to love and we have no ulterior motive.

Everyone wants to feel included. Rejection feels terrible. That’s why we have to include ‘the other.’ We must include the one who is different from us: different ability, different faith, different capacity, different way of thinking, different in any way.

We include because we want to be included. Our hearts long for love and togetherness.

This mission is a root of sustenance for us. We believe it is our mandate. It is local and global, immediate and eternal.

It’s not easy and requires incredible courage! In fact, most often it’s messy. However, we know it is worth it to have these roots because it anchors and sustains us.

The following video is an inspirational story for inclusion and it’s worth the watch. Listen and watch for the fears, the heartbreaks, the risks, and the triumphs.

When a parent like me…

I am that parent. So, I dream this dream.

For the sake of the children,


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