For many years I studied and taught classical piano.  My journey of musicianship permeated the better part of two decades.

There is a beautiful, Italian symbol and term in music called a fermata.


It means to hold or pause, prolonged beyond its normal duration.

It interrupts the steadiness of the beat.  It creates an opportunity for a breath, a space for the listener.

Sometimes at the Table of Learning, we need a pause.  We need to hold.  We need to allow time and space to be filled only with the sound of our own breath.  It takes a huge faith to know that everything will be alright.

It allows us to change, yes to change, the flow.  It adds to the artistry of the music we are creating.  It is a deep nod to the process of becoming.  It is changemaking.

As we look forward to the season of changemaking and believing, I encourage us to note when we need a pause…

How will it change our ordinary into extraordinary?

For the sake of the children,