Education is rolling ‘personalized learning’ around like a marble in a mouse trap game. What is it? Where is it going? How are we making sense of it as scholar-practitioners?

This week, along with almost 30 teacher candidates, readying for their final practicum in classrooms, we rolled around the ideas from educational philosopher, William Pinar, as we weaved in and out of our school’s classrooms,

“Curriculum understood as currere, as autobiographical text and a complicated conversation with self and others, is always a process of questing, questioning and sojourning in words and worlds.”

Trace the path of this one idea, it sounds like personalized learning, but there is also this aspect of community embedded.

“Questing, questioning, and sojourning in words and worlds…”

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Photo by Hannah Rodrigo on Unsplash

The Journey

It is together, yet, it is autobiographical.  It is selfhood, yet, it is belonging.

Education is embracing the complicated conversation. Complicated conversations look like: sitting with a passionate mother, a teacher holding his head in his hands, or the child struggling in the uphill climb. Complicated conversations are throughout our halls.

How can we embrace this complicated sojourn?

Learn Forward exists to help us simplify; to help me simplify.

Learning is beautiful because it is about selfhood and belonging. We are weaving the learning together with our messy threads of life.

As I traverse these days and years in education, as I raise my children, I am certain of one thing, this journey is best wrapped in love.  Personalized learning happens powerfully in a community.

How can you express love to someone who needs it in your learning community this week?

Possibly loving is the most profound learning…

For the sake of the children,