Any ideas on how to manage the stress?  The calendar turned to October and we’re not sure it is letting up.  Those of us caring for children in homes and classrooms are definitely feeling the weight of back-to-school.  We post about autumn being the time to “let things go” and yet, we’re still figuring out what that looks like.

What I know for sure is:  all growth in nature emanates from a place of rest.  So, I am creating radical self-care rituals and practices, replacing numbing activities for true rejuvenation. You can learn more about some of my tips and tricks on my podcast with Daniel Bauer at Better Leaders, Better Schools.





Real Solutions to Stress

My friend and colleague, yogi Sonya (Uchita) Thomlinson, researches, writes, and teaches Yoga Nidra, a powerful and intentional systematic relaxation.  It is about moving out of the stress response and into restfulness.  She is sharing with our Learn Forward community today.   Her tender heart is to serve our culture with this powerful practice.

What is even more affirming is how she and her husband, Harshad, have structured the Take a Breath program to bring the power of restfulness and breath to everyone at the Table of Learning: students, teachers, and parents.  If you are a teacher, parent, or stressed-out student, you won’t want to miss it!

Please check out Sonya’s stress to rest encouragement here.  She includes a powerful stress assessment tool, along with practical insights and resources to help us all change our state!

For the sake of the children,


Sonya Thomlinson (Uchita) HHC ERYT-500 is a Program Director and Educator for Mindful Restoration and Take a Breath Program for Schools as well as the founder of the community outreach program Awake in Grace. Most recently, Sonya was codirector and co-founder of Tandava Yoga and Trinity Yoga Centers in Kelowna and Vernon, British Columbia from 2003-2015.  An avid student of yoga since 1994, and teaching since 1998, Sonya leads trainings, retreats, workshops and classes throughout Western Canada.  She works individually with those interested in dynamic health, healing, and spiritual awakening.

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Sonya lives in Kelowna, BC with her husband Harshad Jeff Thomlinson, and her two beautiful daughters Ananda and Leela.