As we step towards the end of the school year, our teachers discussed as a team, “best practices for finishing well.”  We explored transitions to the next grade, playing together and enjoying the outdoors, naming students’ strengths, and blessing them.

As I consider my own best practices, I note our manifesto’s encouragement to send students forward from our classroom, our school, and our community, “bursting to light up the world with joy!”

Bursting to Light Up the World with Joy!

As each year comes to a close, we yearn to launch students’ who are ready, eager, and inspired to continue on a lifelong journey of learning.  They are filled with curiosity and sparkle.  While each child is different, our hope is each little light will shine brightly!

In the Soul of Education blog series, I conclude with the notion of joy.  Finishing aptly means focusing on what is joyful and celebrated and worthy because my child learns from my attitudes.  And, focusing on the growth and delight in our children encourages them to light up too!  As always, my journey is intertwined with my child’s journey.

Photo by Yuiizaa September on Unsplash

Won’t you join us in blessing our students as they complete another spectacular year of learning?  How will you shape your blessing?  What is the ceremony, ritual, tradition, or celebration you will plan to mark this growth?  How will you encourage your child to “burst forth with joy?”

For the sake of the children,