My son, at 19 years old, is captivated by politics.  He primarily follows Canadian and US national politics, so based on the cycle, he cajoled us into watching the South Carolina primary coverage yesterday, including Donald Trump’s speech.

The GOP race is surprising and disturbing on some level, but that analyses is a different blog. What is interesting to me is how much popularity this anti-establishment, authoritarian, bombastic businessman is finding in politics.

The winds are blowing with change.

The Federation of Independent Schools 2016 Conference for 5100 educators also thematically asserted the magnitude of change we must prepare for and adapt to in the future.

We are preparing students for a future we cannot see.

Exponential change is not something we can fathom.

At the conference, Charles Fadel discussed emerging technologies that are merely waiting to be mass produced:

  • Robotics
  • Computers replicating famous art from Bach to Picasso
  • Augmented reality accessed through contact lenses
  • Virtual reality via avatars
  • Driverless cars
  • Bio-engineering
  • Brain enhancers
  • Holograms, and more.

In Fadel’s presentation he asserted,

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.”

augmented reality

He is a world renowned leader in curriculum change in schools.  His work informs our current curricular changes in British Columbia.

His prognostication calls for more renaissance humans!  Humans more fully human.

What is a renaissance human?  What kind of student transcends the technology, because he or she is infused with wisdom, capable of both adapting and leading change?  How can we narrow the gaps between the privileged and the poor?  How can we prepare children to be vibrant with creativity, spirituality, and beauty?

Learn Forward Interactive Model

Just moments later astronaut, Commander Chris Hadfield, took the stage and encouraged,

“There’s genius everywhere.  Enable personal vision.”

It is personalization.  In order to personalize learning effectively, we need parents and teachers to work together with students.  We need unwavering commitment to the process and a good dose of creativity to ensure each student is equipped uniquely within the complex environment of the classroom.


The Learn Forward community will gather this Thursday, February 25 at 4pm PST for the second session in our FREE Learn Forward webinar series “Connecting In Our Schools.”  This week’s topic is entitled “We Each Bring a Gift” because we are specifically discussing the role of the teacher, parent, and student at the Table of Learning.  You can register and it’s easy to join in on the experience via a computer or phone!

Focusing on our unique gifts, strengths, and genius will unlock our human renaissance.  If it feels overwhelming, look to last week’s blog for inspiration.

Caregivers, parents, and teachers must lead the way for children.

“What you do next IS your life.”  

~Cmdr. Chris Hadfield

What gift will you bring to your learning community?

Let’s create leaders who will thrive in the 21st Century and be at the forefront of creativity and construction, problem-finding and problem-solving, art and academia.  Our students will know what matters most:  faith, worthiness, selfhood, belonging, and changemaking.  The future needs us!

For the sake of the children,


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