Our family was birthed in a dream! We dreamt about lifelong love, a bonus baby, and abundance. We dreamt about rich relationships, spiritual depth, and meaningful work. Those are no longer dreams, they are becoming realities.

The dreams are now evolving, sometimes they swirl around the adult children. Last night over dinner, we dreamt with them about the process of creating a promising financial future, as we shared our advice, our stories, and our hopes. Our young adults were mesmerized.

Learn Forward believes in the power of dreaming for families and we incorporate it into our nest-building process. Our guest this week, Heather Sandager, writes about her journey with dreaming for thriving.

It is a radical idea. The proof is over time. One can only see the powerful shaping looking back.

The Builder and I have our visioning weekend dates set and childcare in the bag. We are getting ready to embark on our 8th annual weekend.  While it isn’t always smooth, we know it is always worth it! Here are some vulnerable words I posted on our Learn Forward Facebook page recently, to give you a glimpse into the challenges and treasures of the process of dreaming together:

This morning we were having this lovely dreaming session, a big part of our Nest-Building paradigm, then something triggered me and it got really hard. The Builder then said, “This is what everyone experiences. What we would tell another couple designing their future?” It helped me make the best choice: take a break, change something, and get moving. Brunch was on its way and we were able to continue later! Big thanks to the village! <3

What are your dreams? If you struggle with the limitations your brain throws in, don’t worry, you’re normal. Take a break and keep going!

We love that we can dream alongside each other…to create thriving!

For the sake of the children,