Dreaming is a powerful form of play!

And how vulnerable!

As we explore play and dreaming, it is easy to see the need for safety!

Unfolding Dreams

As I play with my children, hear their hearts, listen as they describe their preferred futures or whisper their bedtime wishes, even in goal-setting sessions with The Builder, I can easily feel the vulnerability.  Words spill out describing places to visit, experiences to have, goals to meet, programs to complete, degrees to earn, and places to live.  The energy is palpable.

When One Can’t Dream

I have also met people who have trouble dreaming.  The heart is thwarted and shy.  The soul can’t come forward with the next big idea.  It is frightening.  What if disappointment arrives instead?  Or, what if the dream actually comes true?! Dreaming can be filled with anxieties.

But for a moment, in a dream, we enter into powerful play.  There is something intertwined with play and dreaming.  Dreaming is not for real.  Our imaginations can take us places where real consequences don’t exist.  It is not ‘work’ and is full of our own self-expression.

As an example, the Greatest Showman offers us a template for unlocking the playfulness of dreaming as a family.  This scene of poverty and disappointment turns magical through imagination and connection.

Stir Up Magic

What is magical in your home right now?  How are your hopes whispering an invitation to play?  What are your dreams?  How are the children in your world dreaming?

What if dreams unlock creativity, progress, and innovation?