One Secret for Getting the Most Out of Summer

By |June 14th, 2015|

Learn Forward is focused on what matters most.  What matters most in your summer?  How can we faithfully invest in the five most important journeys: faith, worthiness, selfhood, belonging, and changemaking?

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I’m sure you have many ideas […]

In Focus with Learn Forward

By |March 15th, 2015|

Have you ever watched a child play with a magnifying glass? It’s best outside in the warm sunshine.  They crouch down with the toil of it.  Consider how focused they are in exploring their world.  They watch the ants, as if ants were the only creature on earth. 


Failure as a Stone on a Path to Mastery (Part 3)

By |March 2nd, 2015|

Every mother wants her child to achieve.  Every father wants to know his child is a winner!  But, what do we do when our child competes and doesn’t win?  What do we do when our child doesn’t end up at the top?  What happens, when in comparison, our child doesn’t compare?What does Worthiness whisper in […]

The Shape of Worthiness

By |February 15th, 2015|

This morning I read the quote, “Write the book you want on your shelves.”  I do feel compelled to explore how a sense of worthiness develops.  The exploration is the writing.   […]