To all the courageous parents and educators I’ve met over the years who have doubted their sacred work and wondered whether they are doing a good job.

This book is for you.

“What a world this would be if every parent, grandparent, teacher, school administrator would read LEARN FORWARD! Simple, pure and “spot-on” wisdom on child-rearing and student development for all to embrace.”
Linda Salata, Principal
“Learn Forward transforms your innermost hopes, dreams, and wishes for your children’s success into a tangible framework that serves as a guide for your walk through their most important journeys.”
Jennifer Wiebe, Parent & Entrepreneur
“I cannot think of a more profoundly critical topic; a brilliant embodiment of hope.”
Kathryne Sheppard, Leadership Coach
“Learn Forward provides a rich starting place for educators and parents to consider their place in a child’s journey to literacy, competency, and success. Generous, thoughtful, and honest, this book challenges us to practice courage and become changemakers – personally and professionally.”
Dr. Susan Crichton, Director of Faculty of Education

LEARN FORWARD STAMPLearn Forward is an invitation to see the five most important journeys through the eyes of a child.  It guides us to recognize what a child is hungry for at each stage so you can wholeheartedly support their unique growth from the inside out. 

We believe when a child is rooted in faith, hope, and love, their sense of worthiness grows. From there, a child can climb to the peaks of selfhood and belonging with courage. When they have the compassion to love themselves and others, they become changemakers. 

Learn Forward calls us to deepen our understanding of what a child needs as foundational to thriving, beneath core competencies.

It’s a new window for us as parents and educators to see how we can become more fully engaged in a child’s progress and development. 

It’s a model and a reminder of what matters most.

Learn Forward is about cultivating the conditions for thriving at home and school.