Looking at old photo albums makes my heart sing.  Of course, now it is on my laptop and I wonder how to share.  I am still trying to figure out how to capture and hold the memories better.  They all feel like soap bubbles in warm summer sunshine, glistening, but only for a moment.

Remembering the weddings, the babies, the birthdays, and anniversaries, and of course, the many trips to Africa…

Beauty in Giving

First trip, 2007

“Holding Joy Open” Most recent, 2017

I struggle to put into words how grateful I am for the opportunity to hold my arms around the whole globe through Niteo.  It is always a stretch for me because the needs that are immediate seem more pressing.  The needs that tug at me in the kitchen or surface in the hallways of my school are more present in my mind.  Even my own needs feel more pressing…

But truthfully, my life is not complete without finding a way to consider, even in some small way, the children beyond my own kitchen and school hallways.  My life is more beautiful when I give big and wide.  It is part of my thriving recipe.

Beauty in Giving

Niteo Africa is my expression of stretching out my arms wider, being more conscious of the broader world, the beauty and diversity that surrounds us!

It’s taken me a long time and more mistakes than I care to admit to even come close to figuring out a meaningful way to connect and serve.  But, in 2017 I am grateful for Niteo’s beautiful model.  Now, we send books.

According to the BBC 2017 report, 88% of children are not attaining basic literacy rates in sub-Saharan Africa.  Could it be because they don’t have books?

So, we send books and set up libraries, reading corners, and literacy centres. We do it imperfectly.  The books are gently used, like us.  They aren’t completely culturally relevant, but we’re trying.  We can’t cull them as much as we’d like, yet there are literally tons.

And, children need to be literate.  We must support the education of children.  Books are crucial!

Beauty in Community Action

This is where there are so many hands and too many givers to mention.

Precious volunteers who organize, keep records, lead initiatives, write curriculum, travel to volunteer, gather auction items, clean-up after events, all help us send those books.

It is important to mention a couple of groups who are breathing life into this process over the past 5 years.

The book wranglers are key volunteers in this process.  They pick up, organize, and pack the books for the children.

The sponsors and donors, like Troika Developments, partnered with Fresh Event Design create the energy and resources to send the next 15 tons.

Grateful for Book Wranglers

We’ve Sent Over 100 tons

The books are shipped and turned into libraries that give women and children, teachers and community a place to read.

Empowering Women and Children

Beauty in Giving.  Beauty in our Global Community.  When we work together, we create thriving for everyone!

For the sake of the children,