My three worlds converge in February.  I am an educator.  I am a humanitarian.  I am a mother.  Because I wear all of these hats, I am curious about the world we live in.  I want to create a world where we nurture the philosophy “there’s enough for everyone,” where children thrive, and where we are safe.

Recently, we remembered…

Seventy years since the concentration camps.  Seventy years since we saw extremism blossom into world war.

We nodded solemnly, as we remembered, “Never again.”

But, we fear it isn’t as simple as just remembering.  Extremism remains.  War, atrocities, and children being used as weapons.

I ask myself, “How do we build peace?”

Another recent news event slips by silently, with an answer!  The UN rescues 3000 child soldiers and all they want to do is read, learn, and go back to school.

Are we listening?  

Children are crying out to be free to get an education.  They want to read and learn.

Niteo Africa is moving into that region.  We’re going to war ravaged Northern Uganda; a place where children have known fear and atrocities.

And we’re giving books!

Not just a few books.  Tons and tons of books!

We are standing with the leaders of the land.

To offer children what they dream about…books!


Imagining a future…


The students at my school are getting involved through Month of Love!  Their donations will send books.

Because it is more than remembering, it’s a promise.  

Please join us by hosting your own Month of Love.  Give up just one thing for one month and discover what we can do together!  A $20 donation gets an entire box full of gently used Canadian books into a literacy centre in Northern Uganda!